Ibhs Behavioral Health Services: Empowering Mental Wellness

Ibhs Behavioral Health
Explore our Ibhs Behavioral Health Services, a Connellsville Counseling & Psychological Services, LLC division committed to offering specialized in comprehensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) for children facing specific behavioral and emotional challenges in Fayette and Westmoreland County.

It was established in 1996 by psychologist Rick Pritts and clinical social worker Roxane Mongelluzzo to offer comprehensive mental health care in a warm and alluring atmosphere. Since then, we have been deeply involved with the growing insistence on our service.

In 2001, we occupied the Stahl house at 416 S. Pittsburgh Street, our central location. Realising the necessity for more space, we expanded more in 2007 by acquiring the property adjacent property to lodge additional therapists and a psychiatrist.

Our dedicated team from Connellsville Counseling & Psychological Services is here to assist significant families in Fayette and Westmoreland County. They look after to cure their life challenges. We ensure to provide fruitful and positive service to us.

We have a group of well-educated and skilful professionals on our team for significant health sectors comprising mental health doctors, therapists, and social workers. They are all thoroughly involved in ensuring our clients feel better and healthier.

At Ibhs Behavioral Health Services, we specialise in delivering rigorous mental health care tailored to children with critical behavioral and emotional concerns. A team from our IBHS meets closely with children and their families in their favorable environment, such as their homes, schools, or communities, to create impactful strategies for managing emotional and behavioral difficulties.

If you know someone who really needs some good care, feel free to call us at 724-626-8420 to schedule a chat. We’re here to help treat everyone regardless of their color, background, beliefs, or origin.